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Top money saving tips

Top money saving tips

Last month we ran a Facebook competition asking people to tell us their top money saving tips to be in to win one of three $500 cash prizes. We received an amazing response with over 700 entries and so many great money saving ideas.

As the cost of living continues to make daily headlines we’ve decided to share with you the top 20 tips that caught our eye. And, hope you’ll be inspired with some real life tips from everyday Kiwis.

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Top 20 money saving tips

  • Take a percentage of your salary after tax (let’s say 5%) put it in a separate account at a different bank and leave it alone. Treat that money as inaccessible and try to forget about it.
  • Sign up for loyalty cards that offer deals or discounts.
  • I pay my utilities, rates, insurance, mortgage bills fortnightly. Then set aside a certain amount for groceries.
  • We grow a lot of vegies at home for our meals.
  • I gave up smoking and banked that money each time I would’ve bought a packet of tobacco.
  • To stop myself from buying takeaways when driving I put my purse in the boot of the car. Too annoying to get out and get it before going through the drive thru.
  • Stop buying your lunch every day. It’s so much cheaper to bring lunch from home.
  • Make a plan for groceries. Shop around for specials and make enough kai to have leftovers for lunch or freeze for another time.
  • Put all $5 notes in a jar. By the end of the year you’ll be surprised how much you have.
  • I buy petrol on a Wednesday. NPD have 15c off.

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  • Pack a picnic when taking the kids out.
  • ‘Black out nights’ – play board games by candlelight and save power.
  • Any money left over the night before pay day goes into the savings account.
  • Use the Gasby app to find the cheapest petrol. Find out more here
  • Take three minute showers! Play a favourite song as your timer.
  • Clothes swapping or sharing with whanau.
  • Turn your hot water off if you are away from home for more than two days.
  • We do our supermarket shopping online so we can take the time to look at pricing and easily take items off to fit our budget.
  • Check your power plan with Powerswitch.
  • Withdraw cash on pay day. This is my ‘allowance’ until next pay day. It’s amazing how much I am reluctant to part with cash!

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Feeling financial pressure?

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