Requesting Bank Statements

We want to make applying for a loan quick and easy. That’s why we use an online secure service when requesting your bank statements.

How it works

We use third party provider Illion. They supply a secure and safe link for you to authorise retrieval of bank statements from your bank account and send directly to us.

This process only takes a few minutes and we’ll receive your bank statements almost straight away. This means your application can be processed faster.

You can complete the process quickly and easily on your mobile phone or computer.

Illion bank statements flow chart

How secure is this service?

  • Only you can authorise retrieval of your bank statements with a one off unique link and login
  • Illion’s bank statement service is read only, meaning they cannot make transactions on your account
  • Your financial data and login details are never stored. They are encrypted and secure with the same level of protection that your bank provides.