Digital ID Verification

When applying for any loan with Oxford, be it a car loan, property loan or business vehicle loan, we need to verify your identity through photo identification and your NZ or AUS drivers licence or passport.

How it works

We do this digitally using facial recognition technology that biometrically matches your face to the photo on your ID using third party provider APLYiD. We’ll supply you with a secure and safe link to begin your ID verification.

This process only takes a few minutes, and once completed we’ll receive a notification and summary that your ID has been verified by APLYiD.

You can complete the process quickly and easily on your mobile phone.

Aplyid logo
  • Open the text message from Oxford Finance
  • Click ‘Start’ and follow the prompts to photograph your ID using your mobile phone
  • Check the system has captured your details correctly and confirm
  • You’ll next need to enter your home address details. If your address is on your drivers licence, check it’s correct before proceeding
  • The final step is facial verification. Make sure your face is fully visible (no sunglasses or hats) and follow the prompts to take a photo of your face correctly
  • You’re all done. We’ll be notified that you have completed ID verification and be in touch with you if we need anything else.