Shop smarter with pre-approvals

Whether it’s dad, your petrolhead neighbour or that mate who’s been a mechanic for years - there’s nothing like good car advice. And when it comes to making the best purchase decision when shopping for your car, we have some of our own. 

We recommend doing a bit of upfront homework and getting that pre-approved vehicle loan amount before you hit to the sales yards. Homework’s never really as fun, let’s admit it. But read below and find out why we think a bit of extra prep time upfront will get you a better deal for your new wheels.
Take control of the buying process
  • Step 1: How much can I afford?
    Start by working out a rough budget before you go shopping and sight the “car of your dreams.” Working out how much you have in your monthly budget, what your income is, and what your expenses are, will put you in control of the decision making process. That way if you decide to splurge a little or save, you’ll know what you have to work with.

    Here’s a tip!
    Have a go at our Oxford Finance NZ’s loan calculator this will provide you with an initial guide as to what you’ll need to allow for in your monthly budget for that new truck.

  • Step 2: Talk to a consultant and enjoy smooth sailing
    Go through the vehicle finance application process with one of our friendly consultants before you go shopping. This will give you the time and space to work through what’s involved and will ensure a smoother purchase process. Speaking with us, you’ll also get a better understanding of what we’ll take care of, and what your obligations are. And once you’re ready to go, there’s not alot of waiting around. Your approval could be as quick as a few minutes, and with conditions being met, your money made available on the same day. After that you’re ready to go shopping! With ready-to-go financing, you can prevent last minute delays or those nail-biting dealership calls to check on credit ratings.
  • Step 3: “Give me your best price?”
    We’ve always heard the term “cash buyer,” a term describing the power of the buyer who pays with cash. But times have changed. These days buyers with approved finance are just as attractive, and as powerful as those “cash buyers.” This is because finance companies, like us will transfer the full purchase amount directly and quickly with less risk to the dealership. Pre-approved finance puts you the buyer in a strong position to negotiate. So feel free to go ahead and ask, “what’s your best price?”

Talk to the experts. Oxford Finance offer specialist advice and finance for vehicle finance customers. It’s what we love, it’s what we do. So it’s no surprise that we offer some of New Zealand’s most competitive vehicle finance rates. Contact us to get the wheels rolling.
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